Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How to choose a compatible partner for yourself?

Choosing a compatible partner is one of the hardest things, specifically when doing it yourself. We have a quick checklist that can help you choose the ideal match at MSMatrimony:

  1. Please analyze the profile and read the description of the prospect.
  2. Regularly check over the match's personality, approach, career, family values & perspective.
  3. Be yourself and allow the person to out-shell their true persona.

If you ensure the above three tips, your ideal match will soon be found.

How to present my profile to increase the change of connections?

The following Points can help you out:

      Maintain the accuracy of your profile information.

      Upload a clear picture of yourself.

      Add an eye-catching and interesting introduction that gives a brief about you.

      Start only if you're serious about it.

How to register in MSMatrimony?

We have created a user-friendly website to help you register and start the process.

      Step 1: Please begin your journey by clicking "Join us."

      Step 2: Start with basic details and choose a unique ID and Password. Do not forget your password. Please Enter Your details correctly and finish the set-up.

      Step3: Verify your profile and complete the process of creating your profile.

      Step 4: Finally, log in to your account and begin the most promising journey of your life.

Can I register a profile on behalf of my child/ parent/ relative/ friend/ sibling?

Yes, you can register at msmatrimony on behalf of your child/ parent/ relative/ friend/ sibling/ yourself. We encourage people to list compatible candidates that are looking for prospective matches. Our portal is open for access to everyone who seeks similar services.

Are my photos and personal information secure?

We ensure to protect your privacy on priority. Yes, your personal information and photos are 100% secure with us. We keep all your information private at msmatrimony. All the photos are encrypted and protected from downloading, copying, or taking screenshots. Please check our Privacy policy for further details.

How to accept a request from a Connection?

A request from a new connection will be shown as a notification. It will be displayed as soon as you log in to your account. You can click over the same and check the profile. If you feel like accepting it, please check on the top. You will have two options: one reads to accept and the other to decline. Please click on the button that reads "Accept."

How to decline a request from a Connection?

A new request for the latest connection will be displayed as you log in to your account. After analyzing the new possible connection, you might not feel like accepting the request. We understand the need to value your opinion and have allowed our members to decide as per their choice. If you feel like declining a request, you can do the same by clicking on the option "Decline."

How do I send a request to a connection?

The process of sending a request to a new connection is very easy. When you click on a new profile or one you are not yet connected with, you can find an option that reads "Add." It means add as a connection. As soon as you click over the button that reads add, a request will be sent to the new connection.

How is msmatrimony different from other matrimony sites?

The concept is to help matches understand their astrological predictions and then find the compatible match based on their Kundali. We are working with Mrs. Madhavi Sharma, a well-acknowledged professional who has helped millions of people look for a way towards a bright future through fortune readings. MSMatrimony aims to enlighten your future through correct astrological prediction and pathway to matrimony.

How to edit my profile at msmatrimony?

The process of editing or making changes to your profile is discretional, and we have offered complete freedom to our members to make any relevant changes as and when they desire to make them. You must go to your profile and click on the option "Edit."

Do I have to pay for any service?

To have unrestricted access to the website's full features, members must pay a subscription fee. We are offering paid access to premium accounts, and it is advised to choose the appropriate plan that suits your needs.

What are the benefits of becoming a Premium Member of msmatrimony?

The unpaid account has limited access to the website. On the other hand, the Premium Members of MSMatrimony enjoy the benefits of accessing all the features. The top 5 benefits are:

  1. No restriction over sending the number of connections in a day.
  2. Complete freedom to initiate the chat.
  3. An opportunity to access the complete astrological reading in a detailed format.
  4. Unlimited access to the website.
  5. Limitless opportunity to accept the number of connections at a time.

What are the payment options available on msmatrimony?

We are accepting online payments through compatible payment gateways. It includes UPI payment, Online banking, Debit Card/ Credit card payment, etc.

How can I log in to my account?

Please check the website URL and find the "Log in" button. You are required to enter your username and password correctly to access your account.

I forgot my username/password. How to retrieve it?

Please note that our team will coordinate in case of any issues. But, before that, you need to click on the option that reads "Forgot password" and enter your registered email-id. A link to help you log in to your account will be sent via email to your registered email-id.

What if the connection's ID is fake? Are there any chances of it in msmatrimony?

We have taken necessary measures to avoid the creation of Fake IDs, but we cannot deny exceptionals. We advise our members to take necessary precautions and be cautious while interacting. Please report any such profile that may feel suspicious.

How can I deactivate my account?

The process to deactivate your account is simple. Please go to your profile and click on the option that reads "Setting." Next, find the option that reads "Deactivate Account" and click on the same. Your profile will be deactivated immediately.

What are the plans available in msmatrimony?

Presently we are offering two plans. One is a basic free membership, and the other is a premium membership. We are updating and will be adding new plans soon.  

Where can I see people who have shared an interest in my profile?

The people interested in your profile will be recommended as "Suggested connections." We recommend such profiles who have recently visited your profile or are keen observers of your profile.

Can I initiate the chat with a profile that I am interested in?

Yes, Premium Members can initiate the chat to a profile that interests them. It is not a feature available to basic members or free account members.